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Chat Cafe
19-08-2015, 04:22 PM
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RE: Chat Cafe
Hi Mario, nice to hear from you. I am not looking forward to changes in the UK lottery, as I have mentioned before. I will not be dealing wth the new format on my website which will just remain frozen when this version ends. The odds against winning any money will increase, and that's why people play it, not to win consolation tickets. I will do nothing to encourage anyone to play it.

Len has gone through a very difficult time over the past year, has moved home and both Len and his wife have been very ill. Only in the past month has he settled into his new home and got connected to the internet, but has health concerns which take his mind off the lottery.

Ido disappeared long before all this happenned, whilst we were still doing challenges but I do not know what happenned. Where is Vallelli? Presumably got fed up of looking in here and seeing nothing new, no discussions.

I'm still persuing follow on numbers ( Markov related ). That was one of my components in the challenges, which numbers follow each result number the most ? Find the answer to that and use it to make a pool of numbers for the next draw. I discussed my method in another forum a few months ago. If you google lotto Markov chains Frank, you should find it.
I'm pleased to hear you are still Ok Mario!
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16-09-2015, 08:16 PM
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RE: Chat Cafe
The time has gone, and we and all around us are changed in a one way or another, more or less.

Thank's Frank for the important news althought they are not good. I hope that Len and his wife are healthy and Len pass over that troubles with good.

Ido, in the past wrote a message here about your future intentions in lotto. IN 49s the colours of balls has dissapeared and his analyses used that characteristics. Perhaps she abbandoned that kind of play.

Where is Vall? Because our challenges was finished she did not find anything interesting that.

But you, Frank are very implicated in this kind of life, a gambler life. Like me.
I'm very glad to hear that your research will continue and I wish you a great and wonderful winning!!

In relate to Markov chains I don't know the theory but I have a good program about numbers appeared linked with another numbers and I want to discuss about this.

Teacher, have a good time!!
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27-05-2017, 09:52 AM
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RE: Chat Cafe
(29-03-2008 12:33 PM)Len Wrote:  Please use this thread for general Chit Chat

What do the members of LottoPost feel about the present 59 numbers on the Lotto or are you in favour of the 49 numbers as before? Lots of people are finding it difficult to even win the minor prizes. What is supposed to be fun and entertaining is turning out to be boring to the point that more and more people are not playing any more. Should the National Lottery revert to the 49 numbers? Yes i think they should for the sake of the GAME
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